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The Chatsworth Historical Society was founded in 1963 to save and move the historic 1903 Pioneer Church that was slated for demolition. In 1978 the Society became the conservator of the 1.3 acre parcel known as the Homestead Acre.

Mission Statement
The Chatsworth Historical Society upholds a four point mission in addition to the commemoration of historical dates and events:
1)  To preserve and  mark historic sites and landmarks of the Chatsworth area;
2)  To be an agency for the collection of photographs, artifacts, and archaeological items that represent the history of Chatsworth;
3)  To preserve and maintain the Homestead Acre, the name given to the 1.3 acre compound in Chatsworth Park South that contains the Hill-Palmer Cottage and the Chatsworth Museum;
4)  To make use of its resources to educate its members and the general public concerning its heritage through publications, displays, digital archives, programs, tours, films, seminars, and educational activities within the public and private schools.

The 1.3 acre compound in Chatsworth Park South contains the Hill-Palmer Cottage, the Virginia Watson Chatsworth Museum, and the Frank H.Schepler, Jr. Memorial Library.  The majority of the site is given over to gardens with more than 200 rose bushes, including modern (hybrids) and historical roses, fruit trees and native California plants.

Meetings of the CHS are held alternative months on the third Tuesday at 7 P.M. at the Chatsworth Museum, located at 10385 Shadow Oak Drive, Chatsworth, CA 91311. 

Annual membership dues for the CHS are: 
$15.00 for a single membership 
$20.00 for a family membership 
$125.00 for a lifetime membership 

To join, please send or bring in your dues, name, address, and telephone number to: 
Chatsworth Historical Society 
The Homestead Acre 
10385 Shadow Oak Drive 
Chatsworth, CA 91311 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 
(818) 882-5614.

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